Action reminders for moderators

Every now and then someone creates a post on our forum which raises my attention, but my reaction isn’t immediate.

Two examples:

A user creates a post online complaining that they can’t submit via email. I go and look at the logs and see that there have been bounces from them (or not). If they have reached the bounce threshold I clear it, then I reply to the post online and say “Check your spam, talk to your ISP yada, yada”.

A user writes a post which is not quite against the rules, (i.e. calling for a deletion), but I would like them to revise it. I reply, either publically, or via PM, and say “Please revise your post”.

In both cases, I would like discourse to remind me (in some configurable period of time) so that I go and check the situation/reaction/response later.

Is this technically possible?


I suggest using bookmarks for this.


That is what I am doing now, it was more a timed reminder I was looking for: “Remember you wanted to check this up on this 24 hours after you responded”.

Perhaps it is more of a helpdesk ticket timer kind of thing. Perhaps I’m just crap at remembering what I don’t write down in a calendar.

See also


Something like Reddit’s RemindMe! bot?

There are many options for entering the time such as
RemindMe! 10 Minutes
RemindMe! Next Saturday

The source is available on Github so you may be able to integrate it in Discourse.

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