Reply sorting broken with in a Top date range

I’m trying to clean up old messages that have not been replied to in our Discourse categories…
I find that when I choose the “Top” tool to select a date range, then I can no longer reverse sort by Replies.
I want to get the 0 reply messages to the top of the list and avoid manually scrolling down multiple pages to get to them.


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I’m getting inconsistent results when I test this on Meta. What I expect to happen the first time I click the “Replies” table header is for the query parameter ?ascending=true&order=posts to be appended to the URL that’s in my browser’s address bar. The second time the “Replies” table header is clicked, the query parameter should be updated to ?order=posts.

The behaviour I’m finding is that clicking the “Replies” header is appending the ?ascending=false query parameter. This has no effect on the order of topics in the list. Clicking the “Replies” header a second time removes the ?ascending=false query parameter. This also has no effect on the order of the topics.

If I manually append ?ascending=true&order=posts to the URL in my browser’s address bar, clicking the “Replies” header works as expected.

I am finding this behaviour on the Top list, but also sometimes on the Latest lists. I am not sure why the results of clicking the “Replies” header are inconsistent. Once I have added the
?ascending=true&order=posts query parameter to a URL, the “Replies” filter seems to work correctly on subsequent pages that I visit.

I’m running the Chrome browser on Linux.


That’s the problem.
I’m running Chrome under Windows 10 (1909) and MacOS Catalina 10.15.4

Yeah we definitely have a bug here …

  1. Works totally fine at (click replies sorts by replies)

  2. Does not work as expected at

@zogstrip / @eviltrout can you assign out?