Reply via Email — emails not getting to the staged user

Hi. I have followed the advice here, thank you:

Pop3 authenticated. I tested it by emailing our support email address — [instance] — from a completely different email account Sure enough the email landed in the private category :boom:

I replied to (i.e. the staged user) in Discourse, and the reply is shown in Discourse but no email ever arrived back at the email inbox. Checked spam and nothing there.

Reply by email address: [instancename]+%{reply_key}

Interestingly, 40 mins later, an automated SUMMARY email from the Discourse instance landed in the inbox.

May I ask if anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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If you are sending mail through your account, I believe there are various issues that can crop up. But also, you can check the email logs on your site to see what it says, and then see if there are messages in the gmail account concerning bounced messages.

I use Mailgun and webhooks to show bounces in Discourse, and it just works and is really cheap and you ought to something similar. :slight_smile:

Is it possible you use a separate outgoing server than GMail? If so, that service will have logs for outgoing messages.


Thanks @maiki. I’m using SendGrid. Works a treat. It was unclear to me following “Set up Reply via Email Support” how the emailed response to the staged user actually gets there. There is nothing in the SendGrid logs relating to a success or a fail. And nothing in the corresponding gmail account’s sent folder. :thinking:

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What does it say in the logs at /admin/email? Check /admin/email/sent specifically.


Thanks. Still learning my way around Discourse.

Nothing whatsoever related to reply by email in the context here to be found in /admin/email/sent.

No idea what to check next. All ideas most welcome.

Test it again, and pay attention (now that you know where everything is); you can send more tests and figure out at which point it is failing.

If the staged users message comes in, reply to it (and wait for the edit window to expire so the message is sent), and then starting checking logs starting at Discourse, then Sendgrid, then whatever else. :slight_smile:


Thanks @maiki. Tested again. Sent in an email. As an admin, I hit “Reply” in the corresponding Discourse category and sent the reply on its way. But to where exactly I have no idea. There is no trace of anything happening that I can find anywhere other than the record of the reply in the Discourse category itself. Nothing in the Discourse email logs. Nothing in SendGrid logs. And definitely nothing arriving back in the originating mailbox.

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Last night I thought to try messaging a registered user. I went to /u, clicked the user, clicked message, and off went the message and back came the reply no problem at all.

So I’m thinking the failure of “Reply via email” must be gmail related. :thinking: