Reply via email failed

I receive an email when someone quotes me in a topic.It shows “Reply directly to the mail to send a message”.I reply an email.After 1 minute Notification displays "the server refused my email".Any problems when I reply?

  • yunohost forum
  • windows 10

Have you set up incoming email processing in discourse?

@itsbhanusharma I’m working in this forum.

another post

Their issue is related to office365 and that isn’t a supported SMTP provider. Plus, it’s unrelated to Your issue, What You’re talking about is called reply-by-email and that needs to be configured at your discourse side. on the other hand, the issue mentioned in the other post is relating to sending emails and configuring office365 as SMTP.

Please check this topic, it may help:

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There is a image about it.

it means the email reply is failed.But there is written:
“send an email to reply”

So You’re trying to reply to a topic via email on meta?
Are you replying from your web-based email client or from an app (e.g. outlook/thunderbird?)

I’m sorry, I only understand english/hindi so I can’t read what’s on that image.

No.(I will try with some another apps soon.I’ll never tried other apps.)