ReplyGif: Adding reaction GIF easily

(cpradio) #21

So am I, and it still works…

(Jeff Wong) #22

Did you enable https on your site per chance? The reply gif api is http only.

(Nigel Tatschner) #23

No, still on http, I’ve checked the api key and that’s the same.

(cpradio) #24

Open Dev Tools and see what errors you may be seeing. As unfortunately, I don’t have a repro and it works on my sandbox. HTTPS versus HTTP would alter the underlying functionality (apart from you need to setup a proxy).

(Shauni) #25

Hi there ! Thanks for your plugin :wink:

As @Nigel_Tatschner said, it doesn’t work for me neither (v1.9.0.beta2)

Here are some logs when I open the ReplyGif panel :

EDIT : And i’m in HTTP only too

(cpradio) #26

Can either of you try and implement the HTTPS proxy step in your setup?
GitHub - cpradio/discourse-plugin-replygif: ReplyGIF selector plugin for Discourse

I know it shouldn’t be required, but I’m curious if that gets around the issue for now (be sure to use http:// in the site setting instead of https://).

(cpradio) #27

@Nigel_Tatschner and @Shauni, I just fixed this with

Can you please upgrade to latest of the plugin and tell me if it works for you too?

(Nigel Tatschner) #28

This worked for me, thank you very much :slight_smile: @cpradio

(Shauni) #29

Also worked for me, thanks ! :smiley:

(Alex) #30

Hi, it’s great, I was wondering if I could make it so the plugin gathers GIFs from

(cpradio) #31

If they have an API, you should be able to fork the code and update the API endpoints.

(Alex) #32

This GIF plugin is stuck on load whenever I click on the icon in the text editor. (sorry, not the meme plugin)

(cpradio) #33

No repro on that one either… works fine on my sandbox running latest.

(Bank Live) #34

thank you very much :grinning:

(Alex) #35

I just got the updated version and it still doesn’t work. It’s always stuck on loading. Capture43

(cpradio) #36

Can you provide a URL or any errors that maybe appearing in the JavaScript console? My guess is you are running HTTPS on your site and didn’t setup a reverse proxy per

(Alex) #37

(cpradio) #38

Yep, that is the reason, go to the URL I posted and follow the HTTPS setup step. You need to setup a reverse proxy, it walks you through it.

(Dan) #39

Is this the only GIF plugin available for Discourse?


Have you checked this one ImgFlip: Adding a meme easily?