I have rewritten the ReplyGIF plugin by @lightyear so it works with the latest version of Discourse

With this rewrite there were a few changes, all gifs are paused automatically and can be clicked to start the animation and you can select multiple animations to insert into your post (so long as they are part of the same category/tags).

The GitHub Repo is located at

I’ve also built in features for future proofing. API Key (in case ReplyGIF starts to monitor their API Keys), and the ReplyGIF URL so you could put it behind a proxy for HTTPS support.


Edit: This is a new repo. It is no longer a fork as the changes were severe and likely wouldn’t merge well.


This sounds awesome! Have you enabled this at sitepoint? Where can we see this in action?

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Sitepoint isn’t on latest. I can setup my VM again if you really want to see it live. The gif at the repo is taken using my VM.

This is amazing thank you so much @cpradio!!!

I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I know some other people showed interest as well like @h1onE and @mbs


Amazing, can tell me how install this? Step by step! :slight_smile:

Just follow the following Howto and use as repository url:


Awesome plugin. Works great on my install. Well… Maybe too great.

Would be cool to have out of the box a limiter. So we can set a limit on how many gifs can be used in one post. So users can’t reply to a thread with 5000 gifs. (which i did in testing lol)

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You have to uncheck the other .gif that you have selected before posting.
But I agree with you. The better solution is that @cpradio add an option in admin panel to set a limit per post (and topic too).

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Okay, so I’m not against such an idea, but realize there will be limitations that are beyond my control. I can limit how many you select in the Modal (fairly certain), but I since I’m not tying into the composer, I couldn’t stop someone from opening the model twice to get 10 images (when the limit is 5).

The larger issue I think is Discourse currently has no way to limit the number of images beyond TL 1. It may be worthwhile to see that as a feature versus making that specific to this plugin. As one could simply reference 5000 gifs outside of my plugin and still cause the same pain.

@sam, @zogstrip, what do you think of such a feature? If it is something we could have, maybe 0 (off by default), it might be something I look at contributing and it would only apply to TL1 and higher (staff would be exempt).


Just to jump in here @cpradio I think to add a feature like this to a community. That there would instantly be some abuse. I would feel terrible for my moderators to have to constantly clean up offending posts or to not use the plugin at all. Which would be shame as it makes the user easily be able to express themselves.

Any the case, I appreciate the effort thus far!

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But that can be done without the plugin too. The point is, the abuse vector exists regardless of the plugin. The plugin simply makes it a tad bit easier. I’m more than willing to look at creating a site setting in core to limit the number of images that can be embeded in a given post, but I don’t think it should be this plugin’s responsibility, it should be within core.


I’m sorry I had no idea that the core was lacking such a thing. A simple bot could be made to insert a infinite amount then.

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Okay recent changes in Discourse have removed string-buffer and the use of rawTemplate, so to support non-updated versions, there is a tag v0.5.0 that will let you keep operating.

git clone --branch v0.5.0

For those that have upgraded, v1.0.0 is compatible with latest.


With the Ember 2.4 upgrade now merged in, there is a release branch to use for older versions of Discourse

git clone --branch v1.0.0


Whenever you write a post and insert a gif, you get a notification indicating that “system” user has edited the post. When you look up to the revision history there is a previous revision without the gif. How can this be avoided?

Enable the setting disable edit notifications.


This is no longer functioning, any suggestions as to what I could do to fix it?

It just brings up a loading message for the drop down and selections objects.

What version of Discourse? I’m currently upgrading my sandbox and test there, but it worked on the 1.9.0, so maybe something just recent changed?

@Nigel_Tatschner, no repro.

Can you provide me with more details? What version of Discourse you are on and the line you have in your app.yml to install the plugin?

I’m on 1.9.0beta2 +73