Report misconduct to randomized moderators on self-hosted instance

On self-hosted instances, is there a way to report misconduct to a randomized subset of moderators? Is there such a thing, or maybe a plugin, that can help do that from within the Discourse app and not outside of the app? The idea is not to solicit always the same moderator(s) when action has to be taken upon violation of our code of conduct, and this way not have a notification regarding misconduct displayed on every moderators avatar or hamburger icon. Indeed, we may end up with lots of moderators as our platform grows.

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Yes, create a group and assign that group as moderators (under a Category’s Settings) for any number of specific categories. Assign group permissions as you see fit. If unsure, create a test category for the group.

Or, just bump those users you trust to Moderator. If unsure, say you’ll do this for 3 months and hope they help out in improving the community.