Reporting which plugin has caused the error

based on the errors I get in the admin panel, I feel discourse can understand which plugin has caused the error. look at these errors e.g.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'inlineBetween' of undefined Url: Line: 1 Col 

or this one:

 TypeError: Discourse.Dialect is undefined Url: Line: 1 Column: 42472 Window Location: 

in both of them it has pointed to a js file with a coded name (i.e. plugin-third-party-66034ae1bc6977c5ec45dcf7adb5f8f9799ab0ff261ffd958c9425a34a956605.js).

is it possible that the plugin name is also mentioned in the error log?


This would be great. As a possibly related thing, it would be nice if one plugin throwing a JS exception didn’t break other plugins.

I don’t know enough about how plugins are loaded to know whether that would be feasible though…

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But it is… If you open that referenced JS file, you will see the very beginning starts with:


Surely that identifies the plugin well enough at just a click?

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I never have thought about opening that link! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

thanks for the hint.

My understanding is that the file linked contains the JavaScript for every plugin installed on the forum - Recommander just happens to be the first one in the file.

If you do a Ctrlf for define("discourse/plugins you’ll see many plugins.


Ah, oops, I guess that really only works in a dev environment.

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