Repurpose Badges

Can we repurpose badges?

I’m ready to edit the SQL if editing doesn’t break the site, backups etc

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Why would you want to repurpose a badge(s) why not just create a new one?


The basic, member, regular and leader badges repurposed and they have IDs 1-4, the new badges should have the IDs 5-9. that’s why

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I don’t think there’s a way to do that. I think you’d have to modify the code that builds the initial database, though I’m not quite sure just how that would work.

I am curious why the badge ids important to you.


I have disabled more than 80 badges and they will be never activated again. I can edit the SQL at the badges page so I want to more easy for the users to remember badges, having badge ID #1 for basic and having badge ID #101 for another badge makes no sense.

Disabled badges just occupy the IDs which should be used for custom badges.