Request to Join Group feature and requirement for Message/Mention rights by Everyone

The group setting for Allow users to send membership requests to group owners (Requires everyone to be able to mention the group) seems a little dangerous.

We are asking users to request permission from the group owner to join a special group, but users on the site can send a PM to that entire group or start a topic and @mention the group.

Now that the PM for the request is going to the last 5 active group owners, can we remove the "message/mention requirement or scale it back to only require group members, moderators, and admin?

The body of the PM for the request does include an @mention:

I would like to apply for membership in @%{groupName}

which is nice since the owner can navigate back to the group easily from the PM, but that just requires the group to be visible to the sender, right? Also, @mentioning a group in a PM doesn’t notify the group members.


actually it does for me. Every time a new user requests to be in a group, all group members get notified


Correct. I was just not seeing the email notifications under the default settings.

I would like to see a fix here. A current workaround is Admin > Customize > Text Content to modifiy the text for js.groups.request_membership_pm.body to remove the @mention and replace it with a link:

I would like to apply for membership.{{groupName}}

I could not sort out how to pass the {{base_Url}} variable for the site (so you must insert your URL here).

I also could not insert {{group}} or {{group_name}} variables for the Group Title in the PM.

I think the preferred approach would be to just include a sentence with a link using the Group Title.

I would like to apply for membership in <Group Title>.

The workaround above doesn’t solve the issue on removing the requirement for “Everyone can Message/Mention.” Hopefully that requirement will be dropped.

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It does not solve it but it is a beggining. Is there a variable for Group owners? Would be good to insert it in the template.

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Not sure about variables for owners or inserting in PM.

The owners/recipients would be listed in the online view (at bottom of first post) since they are in the To: part of the PM.

I agree it would be nice to see who is getting the PM in the body of the email.

I would love to see this fixed for all PMs as discussed previously

I also plan to add instructions in the request PM for users (wait for a reply/approval) and a link for owners (how to add users).

Would you mind sharing the instructions you put in the message?

Is there a quick way to approve a request, or does the group owner still need to go to Group->Edit Group->Add Members?

No problem. Here is the change-- Admin>Customize>Text Content and update js.groups.request_membership_pm.body with the following (substitute and the support email address):

I would like to join the following group.{{groupName}}

>This group requires approval by the owner to join. Please hit the Send button below and allow time for a response. If you need assistance, you can also email

Note: that I also customized the button text to change it from “Message” to “Send” just to stress that user action is required to “send” the PM. You can do that by customizing js.composer.create_pm

Yes. That is the how it works. The PM will have the link in the body so that helps.


Thanks Steve!

Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Some updates here.

I’ve removed the copy that is no longer valid since we’re only notifying the last 5 active group admins.