Email notification for membership accepted

When a user has requested to join a group and approved by the owner he gets a notification in his profile, but a lot of people miss those.
Would be great to have an option to send an email notification telling the user he was approved.


I think that if a user isn’t on the site when they are added to a group, it would be worth sending them an email.

With the way things currently work, group owners can reply to the user’s membership request to let them know that they have been added to the group. This will create a PM notification, and send an email to the user if they are not on the site. The user who has been added to the group will not see the “handle membership request” link that the group owner sees in the PM.

PM that the group owner sees:

PM that the added user sees:


Yes, absolutely.

Yeah, that’s the simplest workaround. Unfortunately there will always be group owners who don’t want to do that every time and ask for an automated solution (which makes sense, especially when there are a lot of requests - we’ll be getting ~20 every day).

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