Make posts in a topic by topic starter recognizable

When I read the first post on a very long topic, I find myself losing the context of all the answers when I can’t remember who the original poster was.

Is it an idea to mark the posts of the original poster somehow in a topic?

P.S.: wasn’t sure if this has been discussed before. Searching for original poster or topic starter didn’t get me any results.

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Yeah, there is CSS for the OP user in the rendered page, if you view source. We added this quite a while ago. We don’t choose to style it out of box because I don’t think highlighting the OP is that important in a larger conversation, and might actually have a few negative repercussions about “ownership”.


Well, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. What is the class used for this?

The class to style is topic-owner.

If you want to mark all but the first post use: .topic-owner:not(:first-child)