Require users to join at least one group at sign-up

Resurrecting this, since my search didn’t help much. Any way to force/allow/assign a user to join a custom group upon sign-up? For all the reasons outlined above, this would be ideal. When a community has natural factions, this can help facilitate micro communities around specific topics. Maybe it belongs in the marketplace?


Following up on this one last time: any plans for this?

To re-state: forcing users (or at least giving them the option) to join a custom group during the sign-up process. For those with factioned communities, this is becoming pretty important.

I can see this has been a popular feature requested in a few threads here.

I’m looking at implementing this, but going about it in a different way.

We need users to select groups as part of the registration process, to populate their experience on our platform, as many categories are only visible if a user is part of the connected group (otherwise the site is too overwhelming for them).

For me the simplest way to solve this would be to redirect users to the Groups page after signup.

Then give users a clear explanation of what they need to choose and why. In the groups page header we can put:

‘Join Groups to Populate your Platform’
‘location, skills, interests, student?, organisation’

I see a lot of posts on how to redirect users after login. I’ve not found any about how to redirect users only after sign-up. Anyone have any ideas?

This plugin does what you want :slightly_smiling_face: It allows your users to be redirected to your custom wizard after registration.

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I read others who used it saying that it isn’t great for allowing users to search groups and select them, so i was planning on using the search bar in the Groups page.

The issue i’ve heard others talk about is that doing this only creates a list of which groups they want to join, and an admin has to manually add them to those groups so there’d be a delay and a lot of extra work for admins.

Unless i can set the custom redirection to the groups page itself, rather than a form.