Requiring a Category Before Posting

Is there a way to require the selection of a Category that is not “Uncategorized” before allowing someone to post? Too many posts go into Uncategorized and a lot of time is spent re-categorizing posts because some people just don’t bother.

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There is! Disabling the uncategorized category will require users to choose a category before they can start typing. To do so, go to site settings and uncheck allow uncategorized topics.

Users will see the following when trying to post:


Thanks for the quick answer!

Does this option still allow people to choose “Uncategorized” as the category before posting? If so, is there a way to prevent that so all posts are categorized?

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No it does not. If the site setting allow uncategorized topics is disabled, uncategorized is no longer an option for users or staff to select.


Great, that’s perfect, thanks!