"You must choose a category" not showing for Admins

(Neil) #1

On our installation we do not allow topics to be created without a category.

We have noticed however when admins post they can post without having one.

The usual prompt saying “you must choose a category” doesn’t appear for admins.

It appears this is a bug.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is intentional, admins are immune to this restriction as super users.

(Neil) #3

I notice moderators are also immune. Is this also intentional?

(cpradio) #4

As a moderator on a Discourse site, I can’t post without choosing a category. Make sure the following setting is unchecked allow uncategorized topics

(Neil) #5

I have tested it on two different sites both with

it it is allowing moderators to post without choosing a category.

(cpradio) #6

Ahh, seems I’m mistaken. I was able to produce an edit in the UI, but found once an appropriate title and content were entered the edit for choose a category doesn’t apply.

Here it is on latest locally as a moderator.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Seems like a bit of a bug there @neil

(Neil Lalonde) #8

It’s fixed! Moderators must choose a category like everyone else now.

(Neil Lalonde) #9