Rerun the Setup Wizard

When you first configured your Discourse forum, you were greeted by the Setup Wizard. It’s a really useful tool that’s been developed to make it even easier to get a forum up and running. :tada:

As an admin, you can re-run the Setup Wizard at any time (and as many times as you like) by logging into your site and appending /wizard to the URL in your browser’s address bar.

For example: If your site is at, to re-run the Wizard login to your site and then go to

Re-running the Setup Wizard is a great way to update your site’s basic setup all in one place. You can even skip straight to specific pages using the shortcuts included in each section of this overview. :+1:

  • About Your Site


  • Member Experience


And that’s the basic setup complete. :partying_face:

But you also have the choice to ‘Configure more…’ which will then take you to these options screens:

  • Site Logo


  • Look and Feel


  • Your Organization


Exiting the Setup Wizard

The Wizard saves the value of each step after you click its Next button, so you can easily exit the Setup Wizard at any stage without needing to skip all the way to the end. :+1:


Hi Everyone,
I want to skip some steps during setup. Please can anyone let me know how can I remove some steps.

Thanks in Advance
Vaibhav Dwivedi

Why not next click next?

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Hi @pfaffman, Thanks for quick reply.
There are by default 14 steps in wizard setup, but I want only 6 of them. How can I remove or hide others ?

Vaibhav D.

Just edit the settings in the system settings rather than the wizard?

Write a plugin?

How often are you going to do this? It would seem that we have already spent more time discussing this than it would take to click next ten times.


It can happen that, as apparently occurred to @natefinch at other post, sometimes you can’t make work categories as your default home page. It happened to me, as well! Then, or you use the solution offered at this same thread, or you… erase the cache and cookies!! :sweat_smile:

For the people who doesn’t know what this means I was going to explain to you why this matters at all, but I prefer to let other people do it. Why to do the same thing twice or more times when is already done? This guy, Leo, can explaining to you just fine.