Reset Bump Date doesn't work if there is a moderator action as the last post

There is an option to reset the bump date of a topic. I’m not sure what the exact behavior behind the scenes is, but it’s useful for removing things from Latest when someone necrobumps them or you have to edit a topic with no replies.

This feature does not work if there is a moderation action e.g. “X unlisted / locked this topic” as the last post. If it is deleted, Reset Bump Date works again.


@maja can you have a look?


When resetting bump date on topic, it resets it to the time of the last visible post (including moderator and small actions) - this is by design.

I assume the flow you have is:

  1. user replies to an old topic
  2. admin deletes the post from above
  3. admin closes/unlists the topic
  4. admin triggers reset bump date -> topic bump time is updated to the time of close/unlist moderator action

It seems like it would make sense to reset bump date to the time last regular post was created since moderator actions don’t normally bump the topic when triggered anyway, maybe @gerhard can tell if there’s reason against this, since he initially implemented this feature.


It’s fine to ignore small action posts. I simply didn’t consider that case when I implemented this feature.


I think the only time a small action should count as a post is when it is edited to give it some type of message. eg. “thanks everyone”, “please flag to reopen” etc. in which case I want it bumped.

What I usually do is delete the small action then do the bump reset.

I get that, but feels like way too much of an edge case to allow for, plus you may want to bypass it as well even in that case.

@maja feel free to go with “reset to first non small action post”.


This is done :pizza: