Reseting robots.txt override doesn't seem to work as expected

It’s possible to override robots.txt in /admin/customize/robots (which is linked in the settings). The page provides a form to have a custom robots.txt. Example:

When pressing that ‘Reset’ button however, the form is immediately filled with what seems to be the website’s own html code and… appears to immediately save that as the new robots.txt

After a refresh however, it seems to actually have the Discourse’s default robots.txt, so it was reset to the default. But still, that filling with html probably needs a look.

On that note, form reset buttons usually restore the form to initial values (and don’t immediately submit the form), so maybe a “Restore to default robots.txt” link next to the buttons would be more clear.


I can reproduce as well!

To devs: The issue concerns render_to_string that renders the template with a default layout. :thinking:

Here is a solution: adding , layout: false param. :point_up_2:


This should be fixed in:

Thanks @mentalstring for the report and @Arkshine for pointing out where the problem is!


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