Could a List of Recommended Topics Be Added to the Top Menu?

We are still refining the feature (will look at announcing next week), but our new Periodic report using AI totally fits with your vision:

custom instructions provided

Generate a Daily summary of

  • List key stats like top users and counts of posts / topics

  • List 10 or so interesting new topics with a brief summary of activity that happened during the day

  • List 10 or so interesting older topics that got significant activity during the day

  • List a summary of activity by the @team group linking to topics they made inline.

  • Sourcing: ALWAYS Back statements with links to forum discussions.

  • Markdown Usage: Enhance readability with bold, italic, and > quotes and links.

  • Linking: Use for direct references.

  • User Mentions: Reference users with @USERNAME

  • Add many topic links: strive to link to at least 30 topics in the report. Topic Id is meaningless to end users if you need to throw in a link use ref or better still just embed it into the sentence

  • Categories and tags: use the format #TAG and #CATEGORY to denote tags and categories

  • bug topics are super important to me, make sure to prioritize them and also feel free to try to highlight any miscategorized bugs if you find any. DO NOT mention if stuff is correctly categorized.

  • When providing a topic summary, do so in paragraph form eg:

    @user discovered there was an issue with XYZ and @user2 suggested suggestion

raw report generated via AI - DISCLAIMER - contains 4 or so hallucinations

Daily Summary of (2023-12-21)

Key Stats

Interesting New Topics

  1. Experimental Admin Sidebar Navigation - @martin introduced an experimental admin sidebar navigation, sparking discussions about its design and functionality. Users like @packman and @Don provided feedback on missing entries and mobile display issues, which @martin acknowledged and is considering for future updates. Read more.

  2. Recommended Topics List - @Tris20 suggested adding a list of recommended topics to the top menu, leveraging advancements in LLMs to tailor content to users’ interests. The conversation evolved with contributions from @EricGT, @merefield, and others, discussing the potential and challenges of personalized content recommendations. Read more.

  3. Ten Years of Discourse - Users like @Judy_Hawkins and @Quercus shared their gratitude for various Discourse communities that have impacted their lives, celebrating the platform’s ten-year anniversary. Read more.

  4. Locations Plugin - @Don reported an issue with the Locations plugin, which @merefield promptly responded to, indicating a willingness to investigate the problem. Read more.

  5. Restricting Users from Editing Navigation Bar - @Yola sought help to restrict users from editing the navigation bar, and @JammyDodger clarified that the feature is designed for individual customization. @pfaffman and @LOCOSP provided CSS solutions to hide the edit button. Read more.

  6. Upload File Bugs - @Vladimir_P encountered bugs when uploading files, which @JammyDodger and @blake addressed, leading to a fix being implemented. Read more.

  7. Creating and Installing Plugins - @Gaurav_Kumar_Sandan inquired about creating and installing plugins on the home page, with @JammyDodger and @pfaffman providing guidance on theme components and plugin installation. Read more.

  8. DiscoTOC - Automatic Table of Contents - Users like @digitaldominica and @Arkshine discussed issues with the DiscoTOC component, which were resolved following updates to Discourse. Read more.

  9. Custom User Setting in a Plugin - @pirhoo sought advice on creating custom user fields from a plugin, with @merefield providing resources to assist in the process. Read more.

  10. Billing Details Location - @Teresations needed help locating billing details for their Discourse hosted with Communiteq, which @awesomerobot and @RGJ assisted with, pointing to the control panel. Read more.

Interesting Older Topics with Significant Activity

  1. Emoji Line-Height Adjustment Feedback - @sam and @tynaut discussed the impact of emoji line-height adjustments on user status styling, with @tynaut confirming a fix for chat and looking into a solution for posts/messages. Read more.

  2. Using FILTER to Summarize Data - @JammyDodger shared a SQL query using the FILTER function to segment user data based on activity summary preferences, providing a detailed explanation of the query’s components. Read more.

  3. Communication Style as Part of a User’s Profile - @Saif and @simon discussed the potential and concerns of implementing sentiment analysis on user profiles to assess communication style. Read more.

  4. Enter to Newline, Shift+Enter to Submit Message in Chat - @meglio proposed a configuration change for chat input behavior, supported by users like @Jagster and @Moin, to make multi-paragraph messaging more user-friendly. Read more.

  5. Can’t Approve a User’s First Post if It Has a Poll - @Firepup650 reported an issue where a user’s first post containing a poll could not be approved due to a permissions error. Read more.

Activity by the @team Group

Miscategorized bug Topics

  • Error Message When Uploading Logo - @spicerunner reported an error message when uploading a logo, which was resolved after an update. This topic was correctly categorized as a bug. Read more.

Correctly Categorized bug Topics

  • Outbound Notification E-mails Failing - @managenet faced issues with outbound notification emails after attempting to change the attachment size limit. Read more.

  • Can’t Rebuild App Stuck Extracting One Layer - @LOCOSP encountered a problem with a Docker layer extraction during a rebuild, seeking advice on how to force a re-pull of the files. Read more.

  • Does Discourse Launcher / Docker Use the Local Postgresql and Redis Servers? - @dalu74 inquired about whether Discourse uses the host’s Postgresql and Redis installations, which was clarified by @hello-smile6. Read more.

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Specifically you could unleash some of these automation reports to try to surface interesting content.

The fact you control the context size, amount of days the report spans and more lets you have extreme control here.

Warning though, this needs GPT-4 turbo to work well, Anthropic Claude is a large context window llm but the results it has produced failed to impress me.