Resetting Colors?

(Clever Moniker) #1

I was playing around with creating a new color scheme in the ACP… I enabled it to see how it would appear.

Prior to disabling it, I simply deleted the the color scheme assuming it would just reset to the default, it won’t.

How can I reset the colors?

(Sam) #2

To clarify - you still have the ‘Default’ color scheme available (or can recreate it by just creating a new color scheme, which should have all the default choices filled in), but you can’t click the ‘Enable’ button on it?

(Clever Moniker) #3

This is what the current color scheme area in the ACP looks like (so no “default” is there):

If I recall, it looked like that prior as well though, there was no “default”.

I created a new scheme, made alterations, deleted that scheme, defaults never returned.

I can create a new color scheme and add what I believe were the default values, but I have no clue what they are now. :frowning: If you could do a quick copy and paste of your values for the defaults, would help me out. :slight_smile:

(Sam) #4

Oh, maybe ‘default’ was something I did.

In any case, when you create a new color scheme, are the color values not already populated with the default values?

e.g. this is what I get:

I think those are the default color values for Discourse.

(Clever Moniker) #5

Thanks for the quick reply… yes, I’d venture to guess those are the defaults!! Just wasn’t thinking man.

Odd it doesn’t auto revert once a color scheme is deleted though.

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