Resetting Colors?

I was playing around with creating a new color scheme in the ACP… I enabled it to see how it would appear.

Prior to disabling it, I simply deleted the the color scheme assuming it would just reset to the default, it won’t.

How can I reset the colors?

To clarify - you still have the ‘Default’ color scheme available (or can recreate it by just creating a new color scheme, which should have all the default choices filled in), but you can’t click the ‘Enable’ button on it?

This is what the current color scheme area in the ACP looks like (so no “default” is there):

If I recall, it looked like that prior as well though, there was no “default”.

I created a new scheme, made alterations, deleted that scheme, defaults never returned.

I can create a new color scheme and add what I believe were the default values, but I have no clue what they are now. :frowning: If you could do a quick copy and paste of your values for the defaults, would help me out. :slight_smile:

Oh, maybe ‘default’ was something I did.

In any case, when you create a new color scheme, are the color values not already populated with the default values?

e.g. this is what I get:

I think those are the default color values for Discourse.


Thanks for the quick reply… yes, I’d venture to guess those are the defaults!! Just wasn’t thinking man.

Odd it doesn’t auto revert once a color scheme is deleted though.

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