Restore default light theme after deleting it

Hi guys,

Had a bug the other day where setting default theme wasn’t behaving swapping from light to dark etc, this persisted through log/out/in and a rebuild. In the end I removed the light/default theme to “fix” it thinking I could just fetch the light theme from here somewhere and I can’t see it.

Is the native theme available as a standalone somewhere that I’m missing or do I have to wait and upgrade discourse when the next main update comes along?


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a. Restoring the default theme

Deleting the Light theme is not a big problem. You can easily recreate it. The Light theme is nothing more than an empty theme set to the Light color-scheme.

So, let’s say your theme list currently looks like this

Here’s what you need to do

  1. Create a new theme by clicking here:

    then give it a name and make sure it’s set to theme in the dropdown

    I named it “Light” for consistency.

  2. Make sure the color-scheme for your new “Light” theme is set to “Light Scheme” - which it should be by default

  3. Set your new “Light” theme as the default theme for your community

That would be all you need to do to restore the Light theme as the default theme.

b. The problem you were trying to solve when you deleted the Light theme

Are you on the latest version of Discourse?

I know you said

but there was a bug that only affected site admins where the theme set in your user-preferences - as an admin - would continue to be used even if that theme is no longer user-selectable.

That bug was fixed here:

Once you get the Light theme back, can you please verify that you’re still seeing the problem?


Works and the bug has gone with adding the theme back again, was and still am on build 2.2.0.beta3+82 for info.

Thanks guys.


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