Restore hosted discourse on local self-hosted

I’m hacking on some custom themes and sso and want to work locally instead of against our discourse-hosted instance. I’ve taken a backup of the hosted instance and uploaded to my local self-hosted instance.

When I try to restore I get an error about versions

[2019-07-25 21:16:55]   Current version: 20190717133743
[2019-07-25 21:16:55]   Restored version: 20190725020422
[2019-07-25 21:16:55] EXCEPTION: You're trying to restore a more recent version of the schema. You should migrate first!
[2019-07-25 21:16:55] /var/www/discourse/lib/backup_restore/restorer.rb:250:in `validate_metadata'

I’ve already visited /admin/upgrade on the local instance and it tells me everything is already up-to-date.

How can I get this backup installed locally?

As a side note, this turned into an experiment about what would happen if we ever needed to bring it in-house and I’d like to be more confident that we can do that in the future.

Thanks all!

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Is your self-hosted instance installed using our official guide and tracking the tests-passed branch?


I installed following the guide here but setup a local Ubuntu in VirtualBox instead of using DigitalOcean. I’m not sure specifically about what branch I’m tracking. Dashboard version shows this:


And upgrade page:

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Are you hosted in which plan?

You may be missing a migration that comes from a plugin.

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Yes the site I took the backup from is hosted with y’all. We’re on the “Business” plan. I haven’t made any attempt to get plugins working locally yet.

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Oh I see, per this error message:

Is is missing a migration from

To get a full 1-to-1 copy, you will want to install the plugins listed here for standard AND business: Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Awesome I’ll take a crack at that. Thanks!

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