Restoring Backup, 'Email Protected' and can't receive emails

So I created a backup of Discourse on my old VPS (I’ve now done a fresh reinstall). I tried running discourse enable_restore and discourse restore [file] as recommended here, however I keep receiving back discourse: command not found.

So instead, I planned to do an install, register and restore Discourse via the admin panel. I did an install following these instructions. All went well. The next issue was that when registering, the email is provided is protected because apparently I don’t have JavaScript enabled? I can confirm that I do, however.


My final issue is that I don’t actually receive the registration email and it isn’t in my spam. It should work since I’ve tested it with

Here are my SMTP settings:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like Cloudflare is interfering with your Discourse. I suggest you disable the Cloudflare proxy for your domain (grey cloud icon instead of orange on Cloudflare) or at least disable the protections which are causing the issues.


Hi, the grey cloud is already on for my main domain and mail subdomain.

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And for the email issue: After restoring a backup outgoing emails are disabled. You need to change the disable_emails site setting. You can do the same from the rails console if you can’t login because your account isn’t active.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

SiteSetting.disable_emails = "no"

I already did this step.

Is the gray cloud on for your Discourse subdomain?

I don’t have a subdomain for Discourse, it’s just my main domain so yeah.