Restrict new topic creation to users who have previously replied

Can I restrict New Topic creation to user who replies other? Just wanted to avoid selfish lurkers.

1 replies = 1 new Topic allowed

0 replies = 0 new Topic allowed


‘Replies’ : Any reply given to someone else Topic not own.

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I don’t know anything about your community, so this advice may be misplaced, but I’d be very careful here. You’re potentially going to set yourself up for a world of hurt. People will post low quality replies to get past this hurdle and your community will fill up with rubbish.

It’s likely that those lurkers don’t have responses because they are new to the subject or nervous.

It’s also important to remember that questions are generally as valuable as answers in a community. If no one asks any, there won’t be anything to answer.


This makes sense. Thanks for showing me the right direction.

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