Max consecutive replies not applied when user posting in their own topic

I changed this setting from 3 to 1:


But users can still reply to their own replies in a topic as often as they like. Its seems like this setting is not applied.

Am I missing something obvious?

Double-check you saved the change. Also, are the users staff? :thinking:

Settings are saved and the users have trust level “basic user”. There aren’t any settings that overrule this right?

If the user owns the topic, they are allowed to do that.

Did the user create the topic in the first place? If it is their topic, they have the right to reply as many times as they like.


That’s the case yes. Any way to change that behavior? We have users who create a new topic and then add multiple questions, each in a different reply.

No, there is no way to change that behavior at this time.

Say, “please don’t post a bunch of times in the same topic.” :slight_smile:

Is the issue that they’re bumping the topic?

If so, give this a look:

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This looks like a great plugin. Thanks!

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