Restrict topic/post to English only

Has anyone been able to successfully restrict the topic/post contents to English only ?

I tried the SiteSetting.allow_user_locale but that I guess only affects the UI, not the user input. With SiteSetting.allow_user_locale set to false, I was able to copy and paste unicode non-English into a new topic title and post.


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I don’t think there is a readily available technique to do as you’ve asked.

However, I participate in several communities where we encourage non-English usage, and still only get regular ol’ English instead. :person_shrugging:

So let me ask you: what challenge are you having? And also, how do you define “English”? Are you referring to the character set (UTF-8)? Or… common word usage? Like, are you more concerned about someone talking about sushi in your forums, or more concerned about someone talking about すし?

I love talking about language! すごい!


I would imagine it is natural for any community which is starting from scratch to organically expand on moderation and ops. Thus naturally the community would start with the smaller set of languages/locales that the original staff is most comfortable with and add more staff, well versed in other languages, over a period of time. For the time, the community is picking up initially and does not have enough moderation humanpower, it would want to restrict itself with respect to languages/locales/charsets.

A common pattern applied is to state that content must be published in languages allowed on the site for moderation purposes. That is to say, one solution is: tell users they may only post in English.

You are the solution! :slight_smile:

Thanks, we have used this option for now.

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