Restricted Categories for emails receiving any mail

I want to setup some categories which are receiving administrative requests by email (i.e. mails that are sent to That category also accepts anonymous emails.

That works just fine, but I have to allow everyone to be able to write into that category, otherwise the email is rejected, if it’s coming from a registered user.

That also means that everyone can READ those emails, which is not what we want. The channel should be visible to staff members only, but everyone should be able to write to that category by email.

That should be possible somehow, shouldn’t it? I just can’t figure out how.

Why do you want to use a category? Maybe a group inbox would better fit your needs
I think you could try something similar to what the @team does.


Yeah, I’ve done that for now, but I thought a category would make it easier to track which messages have been taken care of.

I’ll look at that solution you linked to, thanks!

Then maybe Private Topics Plugin is something that would help you


Oh, wow. That’s exactly the solution for my problem!

Thanks, @Moin


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