Restrictions on posting for specific user - is this possible?

Hi All!

I was wondering if there’s a way to impose limitations on posting for a specific user. A few examples might clarify what I mean:

  • User X has to wait 5 minutes before adding a reply to a new post [if the new post came out at 12:00, user X can only reply from 12:05 onwards]

  • User X can only reply to a post 2-3 minutes after opening it (to encourage enough time for a proper read).

  • User X can only reply a certain number “N” of times in a given thread. After that, they can only reply again if — say — 2 or 3 other users reply first.

  • Any suggestions for effective limitations along these lines are welcome :slight_smile:

The reason we are looking into this is that we have a couple of users on our Forum who mean well, but tend to reply way too quickly to multiple threads in the space of a few minutes.

Again they seem to be in good faith, but it is clear that they are not reading things properly before replying and typing super fast, often going off in long tangents that are a bit off topic and derail the thread.

Any way that we could limit this systematically (without having to go and politely write reminders to these users every time) would be awesome.

Many thanks as usual!

PS: I tried to search first for this (and similar questions) but could not find anything — apologies if I missed something relevant and in that case I’d be happy for this post to be merged there thank you!

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Did you see the forced moderation plugin?

It doesn’t have time-based limits but does allow you to police specific users more closely.


Thank you! We were not aware of this plugin and I’m sure we’ll find a use for it :slight_smile:

However, it does not cover the exact cases we were looking to address.

But thanks again!

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The jet thing you can do is lock them at tl0.

To get your exact desires you’ll need a custom plugin.