Retaining the # ( jump to ) post number

When you hit the # key in a thread, you can enter a post
number to jump to. This number appears to be retained for the duration
of a visit to any Discourse site …
Is it possible, or could it be possible, to retain that number so it’s still
there next time i visit that site ?

why not just use a bookmark? then you can easily revisit the post anytime?

Far too complicated !!
The thing is, it’s going to change regularly (maybe every couple of days),
so i’d have to update the bookmark link… i’ll give it a try.

i’m confused by this. you can set time limits on bookmarks and have more than one. maybe i am misunderstanding something, but i am not clear how this doesn’t do what you are wanting. do you have any example scenarios or use cases?

This number never changes, unless a post is removed from a topic.

There is no “retaining” period, it’s just the post number, where 1 is the OP, 2 is the first reply and so on.


yea i feel like i’m overthinking what exactly they are asking :woman_shrugging:t2:


I meant the post number you enter in the “jump to” pop-up when you
hit the # key.
Example: I enter a category, select a thread and press #. and enter 123 to
jump to post 123 in that thread.
When i’ve finished reading that thread i leave that category and continue
browsing other threads in other categories.
If i later go back to the first category and thread, when i press # the pop-up
will still contain 123. :+1:
If i now close my browser, the next time i visit that site, the jump to pop-up
will be reset to null. :-1:

In my case, the thread contains puzzles. A puzzle is posed, and users
attempt to answer it. When it has been solved, a new one is posed.
I just want to be able to keep the latest puzzle post number in the “jump to”
so i can just press #Return to return and review it
from any pont in the discussion.
I guess it’s not going to happen any time, as other solutions are available.


Oh, I see what you meant. You want us to add persistence to the input field on the jump-to-post modal.

I have to say, this appears to be rather niche, so you might want to consider building it yourself using a theme component. Alternatively, you could hire someone to construct this component for you.


I couldn’t have put it better myself !!

Sounds expensive (ie, >$0 !)

Oh well, just thought i’d ask … i’ll live without it !
Thanks all.

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