Jump to post does not reflect post deletions

When using the # hotkey to jump to a post number it goes to that number + 1 instead of the indicated post.

can you give us a specific topic this is happening please? this kind of bugs are often specific to certain type of posts being in the topic.

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An example is jumping to post 10 here: Use Font-Awesome 4 icons in theme but keep FA5?

Ah is this some thing where visible posts in topics and all posts (hidden or otherwise) have different counts. The jump should respect the post number indicated and not the “true” count no?

I can’t reproduce this, I tried both as staff and as anonymous, and when I do # then 10 on the post linked above, I get sent to the 10th post, by Chris Klugewicz.

Ah perhaps the bug (or is it intended?) is that labeling is counting hidden things then - if you click on the timestamp the label is #11 for the post you’re talking about.

The ID in the post stream is 11 (since there’s a deleted post in that topic) but # is intended to jump to the post ordinal which is 10:



mmm I see
Is there some easy way to make the #num display the post ordinal instead of the id?

We’ve learned that gaps in the post ordinals are confusing.

If you’re trying to jump to a specific post ID, you can use: Ctrl+LEndCtrl+Del«number»Enter

mmm thanks.

I think the mismatch between the numbers makes navigating a bit confusing sometimes but this probably belongs in ux or feature now instead of bug.

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