Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

(James Kiesel) #167

I never thought my discourse plugin would get compared to Red Dead Redemption, heh.

I wonder if > trust level 0 makes sense in all cases anyway.

(Ehud Adler) #168

For some reason mine is still not working.
Im getting this error:
Error: Could not find module discourse/lib/emoji/toolbar imported from discourse/plugins/retort/discourse/initializers/retort-init

I tried it today so it should be up-to date

(Stephen Chung) #169

:thinking: I rebuilt a couple of days ago and it was fine…

Did the error happen during the rebuild?

(Ehud Adler) #170

Whats that mean? I only tried adding the plugin yesterday and that error was taken from the admin error log. The first time I tried adding the plugin was yesterday.

I used: GitHub - gdpelican/retort: A reactions plugin for Discourse not GitHub - schungx/retort: A reactions plugin for Discourse because GitHub - schungx/retort: A reactions plugin for Discourse link is not available. Does that make a difference? Wasnt it merged into the original master?

(Stephen Chung) #172

I was asking when the error occurred, during build or when you’re running the site ui. Judging from the error msg, looks like it is an error during rebuild?

(Ehud Adler) #173

Oh, i’m not exactly sure how to figure that out, but the rebuild didn’t fail. Does this repo have the fix in it?

(cpradio) #174

You seem to be doing something wrong as that import line is not in retort’s init file.

(Ehud Adler) #175

I’ve imported other plugins no problem. I could be doing it wrong, but not sure what :confused: Any help would be appreciated. Something I can provide?

(cpradio) #176

The version of Discourse you are running and the version of Retort being reported in the /admin/plugins area would be good info to know.

(Ehud Adler) #177

v1.9.0.beta12 +19
I removed the plugin so I’m not positive on the version but I think version: 1.1.2. It’s the latest one from gdpelican/retort

I assume the beta is the issue.

(cpradio) #178

No, either the error you are reporting is incorrect, or your system is failing to pull the latest version, as the error you reported doesn’t seem possible, and this file hasn’t been updated for over 28 days.

As you can see, there isn’t a reference to discourse/lib/emoji/toolbar anywhere.


does this replace the native :heart:? And does it stop counting the hearts given per user?

(Stephen Chung) #180

It is separate. Sort of duplicates the :heart:


More specifically, I know that discourse tallies hearts given / received and shows that as a stat for users…

Does using this plugin continue to add to that global number? I know that some users love to know this stuff.

(Stephen Chung) #182

I don’t think so… I don’t think it keeps statistics.


so if i use this plugin the folks who enjoy :heart: others will no longer have that ability and any reaction won’t count towards the total #. gotcha. this is worth letting other folks know i’d imagine.

(Tobias Eigen) #184

No. The ability to heart posts remains when the retort plugin is enabled. You can always do one or the other or both.


You can also limit the reactions that users can pick from and just not give them the heart as an option. We use the :hugs: and :+1: instead of a heart so that people will still use the “like” feature. We limited it to a small subset of reactions to cut down on clutter and to remove the temptation for people to use “negative” reactions instead of flagging spam/abuse/off-topic posts.

It’s a great little plugin and our forum really loves it (read: practically revolts when it gets disabled :wink: ).

(Tobias Eigen) #186

Curious - what limited set of emoji reactions do you allow for the retort plugin?

(Stephen Chung) #187

FWIW… I use these:

:+1: | :-1: | :heart: | :clap: | :tada: | :slightly_smiling_face: | :rofl: | :star_struck: | :sweat: | :thinking: | :roll_eyes: | :flushed: | :sleeping: | :see_no_evil: | :speak_no_evil: | :smiling_imp: | :rage: | :sob: | :scream: | :poop: | :banana: | :skull_and_crossbones: | :pig:

Probably too many, I know…

It is configurable in the plugin settings.