Review media and embedded media setting

Hi :blush:

I have the review_media_unless_trust_level setting and the min trust to post embedded media setting set at Trust level 4.

However, I have noticed that Trust Level 2 Users still are allowed to post images in new Topics but not in new replies (posts).

Is this a bug? Or do I need to change another setting?



Interesting, I feel this lives somewhere in the intersection of bug and feature. Happy to leave it in but.

Generally if a site setting says post it should relate to the op and replies if a site setting says reply then it is just to the responses.

So in this case I think it makes sense to expand scope.

Keep in mind we are moving all these kind of site settings to be group based, so we probably will be able to take care of it with the same change.


Hi Sam,

I noticed the site has moved to group based settings now but the problem remains that a User, regardless of their group, can be allowed to post an embedded media if it is a Topic.

How can we make sure some groups require all their posts/topics reviewed if there are images within them?

Edit: it seems to catch some images, but not pdfs attachments


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sorry about the image issue in your post, we are investigating we have a misconfiguration on meta, staff experience team will reply to you!


Thanks for pointing out what appears to be a bug. I am able to replicate that PDFs appear to bypass the skip review media groups setting. We will investigate! Are there other file types that you noticed are also getting through?

Thanks! I think this is the history I noticed, might just be PDF that is bypassing it now?
Sep 2023 images did get through
Mar 2024 these links didn’t get through (not sure why though, what falls under embedded media?)

Apr 2024 An image didn’t get through
Apr 2024 PDF did get through

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