"review media unless trust level" setting causes reviews with emojis, but this is probably unintended behaviour

On our site we use the setting review_media_unless_trust_level to review forum posts from users of a certain trust level containing images. This works great, but the filter is in my opinion too strong when it also causes a review of the posts only containing emojis and plain text.

It is very good that the review triggers on otherwise “non-image cases”, like in the case of embedded links, so keeping the filter generally very sensitive is great. But since all emojis on the site are as far as I know hosted and determined by the forum itself, I see no danger in allowing people to post whatever emojis they like. :rocket: :sunglasses:

Would it be possible to make this setting disregard posts that only contain emojis and plain text?


[Edit: I was unable to use the proper setting name in the title of this post, using underscores between the words. The forum told me that the title of the post seemed vague and with “too long words”.]