Review queue contains suspended users

The new review queue contains pending users, even if they are suspended.

We run a setup that requires user-approval. We use user suspensions as a kind of soft-reject (to reject users that might later on might become eligible for approval).

Contrary to the old “pending users” overview, the review queue includes those users that are suspended.

While I understand that I might be abusing the workflow… to us this is unwanted behaviour. Was this change made on purpose, or is it an oversight? If the latter, we’d love a fix :slight_smile:

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This is interesting and definitely not a use case that is intended from Discourse. Is the idea here that people would be in the review queue, and you’d suspend them to temporarily remove them from the queue so you could review them later?

That is going to be tricky to work with the new system due to the way it’s implemented.


So the answer is, this is by design, and thus difficult to “fix”.

Pretty much, the idea is that users apply, but are only allowed in if they’ve signed a contract with us. This process can take months, so we suspend them in te meantime; once the contract is signed, we can unsuspend and approve all the users from that company.

If we’d reject them, we lose their data (username and such) and we feel that our current approach is more user friendly.

Understandable :cry: