Suspend from Review Queue

Would it be possible to add the ability to add the ability to silence/suspend users from the review queue?

We get a decent amount of spam traffic from sites because our community has been posted on those SEO forums as one that has friendly link policies (AKA not no-follow) even though we’ve been no follow pretty much since the concept came to fruition. The spam traffickers come in waves, some automatically spamming, some waiting an extensive period, some doing call/response spamming. Some even come in teams, I guess in the hopes that we’ll miss a couple and they’ll get the little bit of non-existent link juice.

Because of the various types of spamming, we’ve found it more beneficial to have as much documentation and tracking in place for us, which make the delete/block (which we would need to use due to SSO). But the lack of documentation (there is a minor info popup but nothing visible on the log record itself) makes it harder to keep an eye out for the spammers, and also to deal with those who may be accidentally marked as spammers (we are human after all). So we end up manually suspending the users, approving the posts, then deleting them.

If we could have the “take action” button which shows up on the flag spam process, there would be consistent behavior in the spam fighting process, and also allow the most visibility for patterns of problematic users.