Reviewable Claiming apply to Queued Topics

We have on our site the requirement that all new topics in a certain category be approved by a moderator to prevent duplication. Often the moderator looking at the pending Queued Topic in the Review Pane must research before rejecting, approving or merging the topic. Often times while this research is going on, another mod comes along and acts on the pending topic.

We have Reviewable Claiming turned on for out site, but while the feature applies to pending flagged posts/topics, it does not apply to Queued Topics. It would be great if Reviewable Claiming could be made to apply to Queued Topics.

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I second this!!!

It would also be very helpful if we could apply it to User Approvals as well, which is where we have the most trouble with mods tripping over each other.


I will add that I’d like to see this also apply to Akismet flagged new user profiles and Akismet flagged posts (if it doesn’t already). Pretty much everything that shows up in the Review panel should allow claiming.


I was recently asked about this issue again. When I test it on my own site, what I’m finding is that when a category is configured so that all new topics and posts require approval, and the site has set their reviewable claiming setting to “required,” new posts created in the category need to be claimed before they can be reviewed, but new topics in the category cannot be claimed:

The inconsistency between the way that topics and posts are handled seems like something that should be addressed.

One reason that site’s like to use reviewable claiming is that it prevents edit conflicts when two moderators attempt to edit the same post at the same time.


Jumping back to this, I just noticed on our site that we can now claim Queued Topics. I’m not sure when this was changed, but THANKS!

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I spoke too soon. Not sure why I saw a queued topic being claimable, but they seem to not be claimable again now.