Overlapping mod actions

What do you all do to handle moderators running into each other when processing the review pane? As we have added more mods, this has started to happen more often.

Example 1: There is a post in the queue that needs mod approval for our wishlist category. While Mod 1 is researching to find the appropriate topic to merge to, Mod 2 comes along and deals with it. Mod 1 goes back to the queue and it’s gone.

Example 2: There is a flagged post that requires some mod editing. Mod 1 jumps to the post and removes the offending words. In the mean time, Mod 2 rejects the flag. Oops.



I think if you change the site setting reviewable claiming to required that should help.


Wow, thanks! I was not aware of that setting.

It works great for flagged posts.

But unfortunately, it does not affect Queued Topics. I sure wish it did and that would solve both of our issues.

@support Any chance of Queued Topics being included?


Just tested it and you are correct. Perhaps create a #feature request for it.


This is a problem for us in a Login Required site - but with user approvals rather than reviews.

I’ll give this a crack for our issue too - have just set up a messy workflow involving group PMs to the mods to deal with the problem, but this little feature could totally make that redundant - thanks!!


Unfortunately, it looks like you can’t ‘claim’ a user approval so this doesn’t work for us as is.

Time for that #feature request!

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