Revive a topic without replying?


Is there a way to revive a topic (bump the topic to the top of its list) without notifying everyone previously involved in the conversation?

I use a “workaround”: add a reply (with some text like “Test up topic”, and delete it immediately.

But the issue is, all users involved in conversation are notified.

The intention is to use this option to bring a good discussion back to “focus”.

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Does this help?

Looks like you can also apply a Topic Timer and Auto-bump individual, select Topics from the Topic wrench menu.


Auto-bump, as Robert suggested, would be the way to go.
It will indeed silently bump the topic in the sense that no notification will be sent.

There will, however, be an automatic and public bump message:


Yes, it is working that way.

I selected an special category, and everyday there is a new topic revived. :wink:

Yes, there is this problem too… And the Admin appears in the conversation… as if the Admin was part of that conversation.

I have to manually delete it, every day. :frowning:


I think those messages are pretty valuable.

For a topic to move back up the list something has to have happened. If the last dated entry was weeks or months ago then it will only confuse your users.


Ok, I agree… in part.

I prefer to revive the topic withou any clues. Just bring back that conversation again.

In my case, a telecom & ict forum, i have a category to good articles… and these pretty good articles got lost (forum has thousands of topics).

So the suggestion would be an option: to show “someone” revived the topic or leave this totally unidentifiable.

Then why not be that someone and bump the topic yourself?

Well, exactly.

I can do it myself…

Like this:

But note the warning: will notify anyone previously involved in the conversation.

And i don’t want that.

Revive this topic?

The last reply to this topic was about 1 year ago. Your reply will bump the topic to the top of its list and notify anyone previously involved in the conversation.

Are you sure you want to continue this old conversation?

Any way to do it, without notifying anyone in the conversation?