Rich Notifications support for DiscourseHub


On iOS, There’s something called Rich Notifications. It’s where you can interact with them on your Apple Watch, or pull down to interact with them without opening the app.
Example (Twitter):

I think that Discourse could benefit from a direct reply option, and a like button. This could also open a viewport instead, so we can use markdown instead of plain text. Discourse Chat could use the plain input box.
This would be helpful when I’m not by my computer and am doing something like playing a game which cannot be out on idle and I have to reply to something.

Another issue I have with the app is delayed and inconclusive notifications when your site is not hosted by Discourse.
I dont see why this happens, as other 3rd party apps like Fig have done it fine. I could be wrong, but it’s slightly annoying to have to download another app just to get push notifications which aren’t 20 minutes late and just say @User posted in Topic, when on Discourse forums such as Meta they’re instant and say"@User posted in Topic: "Content"

Again, I could be wrong about any of this, but it’s possible.


CDCK provides notifications for Meta and the sites they’re paid to host.

Fig provides notifications because the app itself is $20 a year, covering the cost of the notification service.

I’m sure this has been discussed and they will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s remotely practical to ask CDCK to pick up the tab for the notification infrastructure to route hundreds of millions of messages. After all, it’s a selling point of their hosting.


Discourse Chat notifications on compatible browsers already support this

I’m using my WearOS watch to reply to chat mentions all the time, it’s awesome. And since it’s based on the web standard, it works on Windows, Android and ChromeOS.

Apple made a promise to support the WebPush standard in 2023, so let’s hope they do it properly with support to inline replies built in.


Didn’t you ask this question before?


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Yes I did, I said that it could be a fix but I was told why it probably won’t happen:

To avoid this you can also use the Whitelisted app codebase and deploy to the stores. Or wait for Apple to fix their shameless anti-competitive monopolistic behaviour in this space (or the EU or Congress to force them to)


In 16.4, Apple is finally adding support for push notifications in Safari.
For anybody interested, here’s the blog post.

Checking on my phone, seems like Discourse is confused

This is only a partial screenshot. Did you add the forum to your Home Screen first? (That’s the secret rule of iOS 16.4 push notifications. Regular web sites can’t request push permissions; it only works when you A2HS.)


Nope. This is on Meta, I’ll probably just remove DiscourseHub and use all of my communities as web apps to utilize this from now on

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Already discussed on iOS 16 web push notifications in 2023