Right Sidebar Blocks

@pmusaraj Awesome! Thank you so much for your help, looking forward to using the top contributors block :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m not sure if this component is causing errors. But once disabled, there are no more errors seen. :thinking: Could someone take a look at this to help me figure out the issue? Would appreciate it a lot.

With it enabled, visiting a certain topic on desktop, clicking the site logo in the top bar in the attempt to return to the homepage would bring me to a never-disappearing loading screen and throw errors in the browser console (as below). No related error logs seen in the mysite/logs path.

d6ca234baf8d2d5e65f414f31e198fe956d9a939.js?__ws=www.bfsu.cafe:98 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'findFiltered')
    at new CategoryTopics (d6ca234baf8d2d5e65f414f31e198fe956d9a939.js?__ws=www.bfsu.cafe:98:18)
    at h.createComponent (base-component-manager.js:37:1)
    at h.createComponent (ember-component-manager.js:54:1)
    at C.create (manager.js:558:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:3301:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:1312:1)
    at Dt.evaluateSyscall (runtime.js:5232:1)
    at Dt.evaluateInner (runtime.js:5188:1)
    at Dt.evaluateOuter (runtime.js:5180:1)
    at Wt.next (runtime.js:6191:1)
    at Wt._execute (runtime.js:6175:1)
    at Wt.execute (runtime.js:6166:1)
    at qt.handleException (runtime.js:5369:1)
    at Kt.handleException (runtime.js:5605:1)
    at Lt.throw (runtime.js:5302:1)
    at Be.evaluate (runtime.js:2580:1)
    at Lt._execute (runtime.js:5285:1)
    at Lt.execute (runtime.js:5266:1)
    at Ht.rerender (runtime.js:5634:1)
    at Er.render (index.js:7578:1)
    at index.js:7896:1
    at It (runtime.js:5074:1)
    at Rr._renderRoots (index.js:7876:1)
    at Rr._renderRootsTransaction (index.js:7928:1)
    at Rr._revalidate (index.js:7970:1)
    at invoke (backburner.js:351:1)
    at p.flush (backburner.js:241:1)
    at h.flush (backburner.js:447:1)
    at q._end (backburner.js:999:1)
    at _boundAutorunEnd (backburner.js:648:1)
CategoryTopics @ d6ca234baf8d2d5e65f414f31e198fe956d9a939.js?__ws=www.bfsu.cafe:98
createComponent @ base-component-manager.js:37
createComponent @ ember-component-manager.js:54
create @ manager.js:558
(匿名) @ runtime.js:3301
evaluate @ runtime.js:1312
evaluateSyscall @ runtime.js:5232
evaluateInner @ runtime.js:5188
evaluateOuter @ runtime.js:5180
next @ runtime.js:6191
_execute @ runtime.js:6175
execute @ runtime.js:6166
handleException @ runtime.js:5369
handleException @ runtime.js:5605
throw @ runtime.js:5302
evaluate @ runtime.js:2580
_execute @ runtime.js:5285
execute @ runtime.js:5266
rerender @ runtime.js:5634
render @ index.js:7578
(匿名) @ index.js:7896
It @ runtime.js:5074
_renderRoots @ index.js:7876
_renderRootsTransaction @ index.js:7928
_revalidate @ index.js:7970
invoke @ backburner.js:351
flush @ backburner.js:241
flush @ backburner.js:447
_end @ backburner.js:999
_boundAutorunEnd @ backburner.js:648
n @ backburner.js:28
flush @ index.js:46
_scheduleAutorun @ backburner.js:1218
_end @ backburner.js:1009
_boundAutorunEnd @ backburner.js:648
n @ backburner.js:28
flush @ index.js:46
_scheduleAutorun @ backburner.js:1218
_end @ backburner.js:1009
_boundAutorunEnd @ backburner.js:648
n @ backburner.js:28
flush @ index.js:46
_scheduleAutorun @ backburner.js:1218
_end @ backburner.js:1009
_boundAutorunEnd @ backburner.js:648
n @ backburner.js:28
flush @ index.js:46
_scheduleAutorun @ backburner.js:1218
_ensureInstance @ backburner.js:1206
scheduleOnce @ backburner.js:845
k @ index.js:522
queueRerender @ mount-widget.js:124
scheduleRerender @ widget.js:319
rerenderResult @ widget.js:365
F @ hooks.js:207
(匿名) @ hooks.js:247
dispatch @ jquery.js:5430
_.handle @ jquery.js:5234
frame:251 You dismissed the flag, but third party cookies are disabled on your browser so the flag will come back the next time you visit the page.

I see info about this component in the js file mentioned in the first line of the error log above.

// line 96-103 of d6ca234baf8d2d5e65f414f31e198fe956d9a939.js?__ws=www.bfsu.cafe
      const filter = "c/" + categoryId;
      this.category = _category.default.findById(categoryId);
      this.store.findFiltered("topicList", {
      }).then(result => {
        const results = result.topic_list.topics;
        results.forEach(topic => {
          topic.url = "".concat((0, _getUrl.default)("/t/")).concat(topic.slug, "/").concat(topic.id);
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Ah, yes, sorry about that. It should be fixed now, you just need to pull the latest update of the theme component.


Thanks! Works great now.


Hi @pmusaraj, sorry if I’m coming over as pushy - just wanted to know if there’s any ETA regarding this implementation.

It would be an awesome addition :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!


Thank you for this awesome component!

I noticed that my entire header and footer disappears globally when I have this enabled (everything in my header.html and footer.html). Was this intentional? But to work around this I have to use the PluginAPI to manually add a header/footer.

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Hey @Alaa, I notice in your screenshot you are using Java Script - did you get this to work in the html field?

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HI @pmusaraj
Thank you for this component , it’s really interesting , however i got this error when I tried to install it can you help please

discourse versio : 2.8.9
thaks again

Try updating your site.

I’m not sure if this component is compatible with the Stable branch?

Thanks for share your plugin! It’s a must for us.

What could be the simple way to hide the sidebar on mobile? I tried on CSS without luck.

This component does not show anything on mobile.

Thank you for this theme component! Unfortunately, it’s not working on my end.
When installing the theme component, I got a series of “Translation YAML invalid” errors.

Is there a way to resolve or override this in the Admin UI?

Hi! I’m also getting this error when installing the component. Did updating your site resolve the error? TIA!

Hi @pmusaraj,

I am also running Discourse ver. 2.8.9 and getting the “Translation YAML invalid” error when installing the theme. Can you confirm if the issue is with the Discourse version?

Hi @salbertelli :slightly_smiling_face:

This theme component isn’t compatible with the Stable branch. You would need to change to the tests-passed version, or hang on until the next Stable release early in the new year. :+1:


Great component here!

I would like to make the right sidebar stay at 320 px and collapse the sidebar at a wider width than it does right now. What css would I use to do this?

I have tried a bit but I am struggling to get it to work correctly.

That’s great news! Thank you so much for the confirmation and for providing the eta of the next stable release.

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Hi @JammyDodger,
Happy New Year!

There’s been a recent bump in the Stable release to 2.8.14. Is this the next Stable release version you meant would be compatible with the Right Sidebar Blocks?




No, this component will only be compatible with the next major version bump to stable, so stable 3.0.0 and higher. (The good news is that that bump is coming very shortly, most likely in a matter of days.)