Rolling out the new notification menu to all Discourse communities

Back in September we announced our new notification menu. Since then, it has become the default for new communities, and many existing communities have opted-in to the new design.

We’ll be enabling the new menu by default in Discourse core next week. Self-hosters will see the change on their next update. On our managed hosting, this change will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

In the vast majority of cases there’s nothing you need to do - everything will happen automatically. If you have themes or plugins which customize the user menu, they may need to be updated for the new menu. Official themes/plugins (e.g. discourse-user-menu-tab) have already been updated.

If you’d like to try out the new menu before the automated rollout, find the “enable new notifications menu” setting in your admin panel. If you’re already using one of our new “navigation menu” options (“sidebar” or “header dropdown”), then the new user menu is automatically enabled.

Similarly, if you’d like to revert to the old menu after this automatic change, you can do that by disabling “enable new notifications menu”. This will only work in the short term - we aim to totally remove the old notifications menu by the end of April.

For more information on the new Menu, check out the original announcement:


:mega: As of this commit, we have now removed the legacy user menu from Discourse.