Will we still be able to use the hamburger menu?

Is this going to be mandatory for all new discourse updates or are going to have the option to keep the old hamburger menu?

At least for my community, the sidebar is not a replacement of the hamburger menu.

I’m hopeful that the “new hamburger” will meet folks’ needs who prefer not to use the sidebar. To use that, set things this way:

  • [x] enable experimental sidebar hamburger
  • [ ] enable sidebar

@attj have you had a chance to try that out?

(you can try it on meta w/ the ?enable_sidebar=0 query parameter)

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Yes I think ?enable_sidebar=0 will be satisfactory as a setting. As long as the previous click depth is preserved as others suggested. By click depth, I mean the following: Before, seeing the groups page was 2 clicks, now its 3.

On another note, I am not a UX expert but I do use discourse a lot and recently started a community based on it. I find the new notification system quite power user friendly. However, that’s a huge problem if enabled by default in my opinion. It is okay to say that people will get used to it in discourse meta because this forum contains many people interested in the actual inner workings of discourse. For other communities, I don’t see how the new notification UX is better. I am trying to imagine any other site with notifications and couldn’t make sense out of it. For instance, would it make sense for Twitter to have separate tabs in the bottom menu for retweets, mentions, likes and follows?

Again this is my personal opinion but when I heard about a more fine grained notifications menu, my intuitive expectation for discourse would be something like the following:

Why? Because it simply gives more fine grained control for more involved users, without confusing both the current and new users.