Switch to turn on the new notifications menu without the new sidebar?

I love the new notifications menu — huge jump in practical productivity! — but am not yet ready to enable the sidebar menu.[1] It appears that these are currently enabled by the same switch.

Could we please have a switch to enable just the new notifications menu?

Thank you!

  1. I’ve got some things I really, really need to work out with it first — but that’s a whole different topic. And the leave-the-hamburger option doesn’t work for me, because I have a carefully customized menu… and anyway doesn’t fix all of the concerns I need to work through ↩︎


After an initial conversation, we think this should be pretty straightforward to do, and I can see how it’d help folks in your situation adopt the new notifications menu sooner. We’ll take a closer look and let you know if we find any reasons not to do it.


Any updates? I know there is a lot going on.


It’s on our list now, but other things are taking priority. Not sure I can give an estimate that’d be of any value just yet.

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What a lovely Christmas surprise this would be… :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:

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I would welcome this too, as love the “classic 'burger menu” - to me it is very iconic and shouts: “Discourse!”

I also love the new notifications! (especially the New Personal Message flair!)

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@mattdm @merefield We’ve just introduced the enable_new_notifications_menu site setting which you can enable when navigation menu is set to legacy.


Awesome — thank you very much!

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