Rotating the author of New User Guidance PMs between moderators

The personalized PM new users get is very valuable. I want to structure the new user PM as a personal message about who we are and what we do that has a human touch (not to try to pass it off as non-automated but to give it more personality). However, PMs written with that tone can generate a lot of replies.

I propose a feature where the author of these new user posts is rotated between Moderators. This would require a checkbox option to Rotate New User Guidance PM between Moderators as well as a new variable %{author_name} that could be included in the template.

With this setup, I can effectively spread the workload of great NUX and the response it receives with the other members of my team.


Really like the idea, but definitely sounds like plugin material to me. Do you really imagine most forums being in dire need of this? :wink:

I’d imagine it as the same site setting but instead of a text field, it’d be a multi selector like the post action buttons or banned word list. Discourse would then just choose randomly between the values each time.

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