Send Mods and Admins a different welcome PM

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Hmm. We should at least send these folks — new admins and new mods — a tailor made PM, maybe linking to the moderator guide @jomaxro put together?

My original thought was a whole tutorial specific to those roles but that is quite difficult. Perhaps starting smaller is the way to go here.


I agree a good first step would be to send a link to the moderator guide. It would certainly be interesting to create a discobot tutorial for staff, but that will be very involved, as it would need to take staff out of the PM, unlike the user tutorial.


My idea is that we just show an animated GIF of how it works, instead of actually making the staff member do it. Otherwise, we need someone to suspend/silence/impersonate, etc. I think it’s better of showing how it works, instead of making them do it.

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The problem is these pictures and gifs get out of date. So it is better to link to a wiki topic which can more easily be kept up to date in a single place.


@vinothkannans can you add this to your list, work with @codinghorror and @jomaxro on figuring out mechanics, location of this wiki content and so on.

I assume we are talking about seeding 1 more topic here as “moderator guide” that a community can own and customise to fit their existing rules and conventions.

Also clarifying here, I assume we want this magic PM to be sent once (and only once) to every moderator on the site? The trigger then would be either inviting a new moderator, or upgrading an existing account to moderator.


My assumption given this

was that we’d simply link to Seeing a topic on the site isn’t ideal as it would get out of date as soon as we change something (like the review queue currently being worked on).


I guess we just take baby steps here and send the link for starters. If a community wants to customize the body of the email they always can do so.


That’s what we do to our forum. Adding a mini mod guide. Though, there’s outdated info. A seeded topic will help a lot.

Understood, but we got to start with baby steps here and @gerhard is in the midst of re-doing how we seed some of this content in light of localisation.

So simply emailing a link is a good first step and if you want it to link to your custom guide it is a simple change in admin/customize/site_texts.


Looks something like this in our forum. A link to the guide is the most reasonable solution… for now.

@markvanlan was already done this feature partially in the commit above. Now I added the ability send the welcome PM to admins in PR


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