router.transitionTo gets aborted only for chat page, but works for the rest of the links like users page

When I try to trigger urlMethod update, router.transitionTo('chat.index') it gets aborted isAborted:true, I can’t figure out why this is happening, kindly assist

on the other hand I am able to trigger and navigate using router.transitionTo('/categories') or router.transitionTo('/users'), so I am puzzled why specifically chat page fails to navigate to.

Does it actually fail to navigate? Or does it work, and print an error to the console?

If it’s just an error in the console, then it’s probably because chat.index is a redirect so you’ll need something like


It fails to navigate.

Having tried your suggested approach with follow redirects I am getting this output in console window:

“_id”: 298,
“_state”: 2,
“_result”: {
“name”: “TransitionAborted”,

is there another way to trigger navigation? Maybe there is a more appropriate way to do this, what I am trying to achieve is clicking a custom button it takes the user to chat page. @david

The idea looks reasonable to me. I just tried this on the developer console here on meta:


and it seems to work ok.

Is chat definitely available to the user you’re testing with?

Yes Sir, chat is available. I can actually manually navigate to the chat page by modifying the page url to and onload it gets redirected to

but doing Discourse.lookup("service:router").transitionTo("chat.index") fails

Are you running the latest tests-passed version of Discourse? Any chance you can share the URL of the live forum?

just shared it above

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Could you try entering safe mode, and then running that command in the console? I wonder if a theme or plugin customization is affecting the transition :thinking: