Trivial "'TransitionAborted" error in the console after clicking on the chat button from the sidebar

It does happen when you have chat separate sidebar mode setting to always, and when you click on the button from the sidebar.

The chat route doesn’t fail; the chat opens, but it still throws an error in the console:

It seems async/await is the issue (introduced recently here).


Maybe that is the problem @ranjeet reported here Chat buttons not working

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Good point. I can’t reproduce his issue, though.

I can see why he got the error when he hit the same button as me, but the other places don’t seem directly related. :thinking: For example, the chat icon at the top doesn’t use the same way to redirect to the chat page.

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I can’t reproduce this issue, locally or on meta.

OK I understood; it’s when you have no public channels.

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That’s odd, I do have one, I believe. :thinking:

Safe mode on themes, and all plugins disabled. Chat settings are all default except chat separate sidebar mode.

This should be fixed by:


I tried the change manually, but I still get the error :thinking: :

I will try to unload all the plugins or try a new dev instance.

Don’t know, all I can say is that I could repro before, and I can’t after this change.

No worries, thanks. I don’t know what’s going on either. :sweat_smile:

I tried again with only the default plugins and safe mode on themes. I get the same result.


I wanted to delete all the channels. I started with the Staff channel and got an error on deletion.

I could still delete all the channels (even though I got errors with Staff and General).
I created again only one public channel General, and I still get the error:

My dev instance is up to date without any plugins/themes.
I will reset my dev instance; I don’t know if something went wrong with the DB or something else.

To give another example of a different context, I upgraded a production Discourse from 3.2.0-dev4 to the latest (which includes the fix), and the error happens as well. (it was working fine before the upgrade)

Sorry for not giving any helpful information. I will try to investigate and will get back to you if I figure out something.

Hello, I can repro it on Meta too.


  1. Set chat to drawer mode
  2. Show separate sidebar modes for forum and chat
    • When chat is in fullscreen OR
    • Always
  3. Click sidebar Chat

When I open the full page chat with the sidebar button, I don’t see the error.


Thanks, Don; I just realized we can set the mode on the user’s preference page. :smile:
At least, I’m not crazy.


This error is really harmless and is expected, I will just silence it:


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