Feedback for Improving RSS Feed Content Appearance

Hello Team,

The original content appears as …

In RSS Feed (Telegram) it appears as …

It would be great to improve

  • Paragraph formatting
  • Emoji appearance

I am using IFTTT. If there is any other services that can just show link (instead content) it will fix the problem I think.

This is how I tried at other place


And it looks similarly. Here too each paragraph was suppose to look clearly seperate from other.

If you feel this is reasonable feedback that can help others as well, please consider improving.

Thanks & Regards,

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I feel a simple way to restrict showing just hyperlink would be great! As social platform can make link preview at own. I was able to do this in WordPress by disabling “Display item content?” checkbox for widget. I liked the end result.

As long as there are not errors in the Discourse RSS feed, the responsibility for how the feed is displayed is with the feed reader, not with Discourse. Checking the feed here shows that the feed is valid, with a few minor issues noted:

I don’t think the issue that are noted are causing the display problems you are seeing on Telegram. Have you tried Telegram with other RSS feeds?