RSS Plugin vs Customize > Embedding

Currently I am having issues with the RSS Polling Plugin with pulling podcasts and I think I am experiencing the same issue found here where a different syntax is being used in leiu of the <link> syntax for each new item in the feed:

New topics are not being created because it can’t see the links to the new episodes. As far as the aforementioned thread goes, it does not seem that there is solution for this that was posted. I am unsure if there is any workaround using the customize/embedding (if I am understanding the purpose of this correctly), but whatever I am attempting does not work.

If there is a workaround, I can provide the RSS feed (which is validated as being a working rss feed). If there isn’t, I guess it would be nice to know that I should be looking for different alternatives on how to compensate for this.



are you self-hosting or is your forum hosted by Discourse? if the latter, the team should be able to help you with this.

Unfortunately we are no longer a paid instance and have transitioned to self-hosting due to difficult circumstances. Hoping to get some help from anyone. :upside_down_face:

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