RSS Plugin not pulling certain URLs

I am using the Discourse RSS Polling plugin to pull Podcast RSS feeds into my forum.

For a number of feeds this is working well however for URLs including I have no new topics created by this RSS feed.

There appears to be no errors in the logs to indicate why this is happening. The feed itself is valid and using http instead of https has also not worked.

Any assistance or indicators as to why this would be occurring would be appreciated as a number of feeds use and none of them work so far.

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When I test the feed on my site, the issue I’m seeing is that no URL is being found for the feed items. That means that it’s failing to create the topic here:

I’m unsure why the URL is not being found, or if sorting out that issue would allow the topics to be created without other issues. I’ll try to find some time to look into this some more this week. If anyone knows about how the URL for a feed item gets set, please let me know.



Looking at the contents of the RSS feed for there does not appear to be a link in the XML.

I compared a “working” feed with the feed and found the only URL was the <enclosure url="" type="audio/mpeg" length="3282651" /> URL for the podcast audio.

Compared with the “working” feed <link></link>

Therefore if this plugin requires that link then the feed will not work.


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Thanks Simon,

I can’t see any of the errors or why the RSS isn’t parsing:

@simon do you think the RSS feed is not formatted correctly which is why the plug-in isn’t pulling the data? Or is there something else I am missing?

Is it failing to pull in all of the items from that feed, or are just some of them missing?